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Data Corporate Identity

"What happens when a design legend and computer art pioneer, an experimental musician, and an information designer join forces to create the brand identity for a two-hundred-year-old product?"  >> John Maeda with Giorgia Lupi and Kaki King A data-driven brand identity +

Corporate Identity

National Women’s History Museum

Visual identity for the largest online cultural institution dedicated to US women’s history.

The ‘W’ symbol suggests a movable placard or folding display system, an apt metaphor as the virtual museum moves toward hosting exhibitions in physical spaces.

The symbol can appear in flat color, or act as a frame or window for photos and images about women and history. [A proyect by Pentagram]

Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity


Capt, Brand and Identity by Bunch Studio, UK

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Redesign

New Forum Synergies Brand

oll brand FS

Forum Synergies