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Fernanda ViÚgas and Martin Wattenberg
  the collaboration site :: visualization
les liens invisibles (group)
  group Web 2.0 :: linking the invisible
Site on culture and new technology Texts, On-Line art projects, Discusion group, Theory
Saboteur art Web site
Academy of Media Arts : Projects
Artists' Web projects
  Net Art Gallery
  Non-commercial foundation based in Copenhagen, Denmark
Association for Temporary Art
  Web site presenting critical texts, artists, artist's projects and virtual exhibitions Stockholm, Sweden
Atelier Nord Projects
  Site presenting texts, projects, writers, artists, etc...
Backspace Media Lab
Beyond Interface
  Online digital art exhibition on the Internet organized by Steve Dietz for the Museum on the Web 1998conference
  Hypermedia art project X-Art Foundation
  Container-ship was commissioned by the Japanese Internet arts organisation, NMP (Network Museum Project), and is curated and produced by the London based digital production group, e-2
Guerrilla Girls
  The ChromaZone Collective. (Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art).
  Site presenting Web projects by various artists
Cooker (The)
  Site of the artist Jake Tilson. Present many Web art works
Cyber Cultures - ANAT: Australian Network for Art and Technology
  Australian site about Art and New Media, presents artists and texts
Des souris et des oeuvres
  Site presenting Web art projects by three artists from the DZpartement d'arts plastiques de l'UQAM
digital eARTh
  Site presenting Web based art Projects
Digital studies : being in cyberspace
Disk Residence
  Ars Electronica's artists in residence program Web site, Linz, Austria
Entrée libre
  Site - espace virtuel dédié à une vingtaine d'artistes contemporains.
Des créations artistiques originales réalisées sur Internet dans le cadre de la commande publique de la Délégation aux Arts Plastiques du Ministère de la Culture.
First International Form Art Competition
  Ars Electronica Centre Linz, Austria
Gerald O'Connell
  Artist's Web art projects
  Site presenting New Zealand artist's Web projects
  An overview of Feminist Hypertext's Subversive Honeycombings. Carolyn Guertin
  Web site on Media Art from Slovenia
  Experimental Web art
  Web experimentation site
LOT art.investigation
  Group producing projects exploring the possibilities of network arts Austria
Le Monument du vide
  Performance web
  Directory of Web art sites by Aleph
  Site hosting British cultural sites
OTIS : Operative Term Is Stimulate
  "popular art value upgrade"
Perte de signal
  Young Quebecers artists group
Pozor Net (The)
  Site presenting Web projects
  British site presenting digital works and texts about new media arts
Remedi Project (The)
  Web site presenting innovating Web projects
  Site on culture and contemporary art. Artists projects, texts, magazines
School of Visaul arts Graduate Computer Art Department exhibitions on the Internet
  New York
SMP : sol, mur, plafond
  Artistic organization and exhibition space Marseille, France
  Contemporary art Web site International directory of exhibitions Artists projects
Striking Distance
  A site featuring exhibits, photography, interviews, essays, multimedia, video, new media/genre, film, articles, painting, sculpture, drawing, history and critical issues
  Sponsored by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Program in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University
  German Electronic magazine on art and New Media. many texts in English. Also present Web-art pieces
The Alternative Museum (TAM)
  New York
The Blue Dot
  Site hosting Artists' Web projects New York
The Laboratory
  Research Unit of the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University
  ÇA virtual amphitheater for artists working with internet technologiesÈ Produced by Adrianne Wortzel
Turbulence : Art works on the Web
  Site hosting Artists' Web projects
Undo : guida online all'arte contemporanea
  Site about Italian contemporary art
  Virtual galery of New Zealand's contemporary art
WAIC : Les femmes artistes au Canada / Women Artists in Canada
Why Not Sneeze
? + ? = ?
  Web project by Nicolas Frespech
1001 Checkboxes
  Web project by the group Zuper!
  Web art project by Daniel Dion and Brad Todd
A Hypertext Journal
  Nina Pope and Karen j. Guthrie
A Place Called Abroad
  Web project by Juan Muñoz Dia Center for the Arts
AB CrZation
  Aurelien Bambagioni's Web sites
Academic Interactive Exercise
  Web project by Robert Cumming, based based on his photographic diptych Academic Shading Exercise, 1975 Musuem of Modern Art, New York
  A networked performance between three environments: text, sound and vrml 3D by Helen Thorington, Jesse Gilbert and Marek Walczak
Advice Bunny
  Web project by ValZrie Lamontagne
Agree to Disagree Online
  Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, Jon Ippolito Sandra Gering Gallery, New York
Air Mosaic
  Web project by Carey Young
  Web site based on Susan Meiselas' book Kurdistan, In the Shadow of History
Alpha B?ta
  Web project by Richard Barbeau
ALTER STATS : The Condition of the Web Observer : Self-Modifying Web Self-Visualization
  John F. Simon, Jr.
  Web project by Reynald Drouhin
*AlulA Dimension
  Web art project by Ebon Fisher
  Web Project by Pascale Trudel
An artists kit for survival
  Web art project by Shoshana Cohen
Anti-Rom : the Antidote
  Interactive work
  Web project by Pierre Belouin
  By Vital Signs Virtual environment and physical installation, shown at the UC San Diego University Art Gallery in La Jolla, California, September 23 through October 30, 1994
Areias do Tempo / Sands in Time
  Live Installation by In?s Amado, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK, May 1997
Arnold Dreyblatt
Automatic Confession Booth (The)
  Greg Garvey
Avec tact
  Web art projects by Antoine Schmitt
BAD : Burn the Art World Down
  Web art project by Natalie Bookchin
  Web project by Jacques Servin
Being human
  Annie Abrahams
Berkeley Oracle : Questions unanswered (The)
  Jochen Gerz
Between a Rock and A Hard Drive
  Web art project by Kristin Lucas
Beware! In playing the phantom you become one / Prends Garde ! A jouer au fantme, on le devient
  A video library conceived by Herman Asselberghs and Johan Grimonprez
  Zoe Beloff
Bionic Codex
  Web art project by Ebon Fisher
  Web art project by Claude Closky
Blinded... as I stared into the heavens
  Web project by Carl DiSalvo
Bodies INCorporated
  Evolution of the Installation Virtual Concrete, by Victoria Vesna
Body Internet : A Metaphor-In-Progress (The)
  Web Project by Rose Stasuk
Body Missing Project (The)
  Vera Frenkel
Body Nodes
  Web project by Colin Ives
Body Parts
  Web projet by Laurens van Rens
Bowling alley
  Web Project by Shu Lea Cheang
Boy oh Boy !
  Web Project by Luc A. Charette
Brandon, a one year narrative project in installments
  Project by Shu Lea Cheang Guggenheim Museum
Brutal Myths
  Web project by Sonya Rapoport and Marie-JosZ Sat
  Stefan Gec
Buy One Get One
  Web project and electronic art work by Shu Lea Cheang
Õa dure un peu
  Web project by Pierre Giner Produced by La Chambre Blanche, QuZbec
Can You See Me Through the Computer ?
  Web project by Juliet Martin
  Web project by Yves Duranthon
  Web project by Ùl?ne Tremblay
Chair et metal
  The digital anamorphosis of the universe
Charged Hearts
  Catherine Richard and Martin Snelgrove
Chronique du premier jour : 40cm en rase-mottes
  Web art project by Robert Saucier
  Web art project by Michael Alstad and Harold Alegria-Ortiz
  Interface project linking Web art projects
Dad@ : Destroy All Dreams @
  Web art project by Merja Puustinen and Andy Best
Daniel Dion
  Web site presenting digital works by the artist
Dark Pool (The)
  Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller
Desktop Is
  Web project by Alexei Shulgin
Diagnostic Tools for the New Millennium
  Web art projects by Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski
Dig. Cultivation
  Web project by Esther Parada
Digital Landfill (The)
  Web art project by Mark Napier For Netscape 4.0 only
Ding an Sich
  Web project by Piotr Szyhalski Walker Art Center
Diseases of consciousness : Critical Art Ensemble Medical Guide
Dislocation Of Intimacy
  By Ken Goldberg and Bob Farzin
  Web art project by Marion Baruch and Name Diffusion
Do you want love or lust?
  Web art project by Claude Closky
Dr. Hugo MindMaps
  Web projects
Dream Screens
  Web project by Susan Hiller presented on the site of the Dia Center for the Arts, New York
  Web site collecting dream stories
Dump your trash!
  Web project by Joachim Blank & Karl Heinz Jeron
Ear's Eye for James Joyce
  Susan Weil
Ùcran total
  Hypertextual fiction by Alain Salvatore
Electronic Art Station
  Web project by Elsa Stansfield et Madelon Hooykaas
Electronic Chronicles
  Adrianne Wortzel
Electronic Garden / NatuRealization
  Public interactive installation by Miroslaw Rogala, Chicago, United States
  Web Project by Sharon Matarazzo
  Web projects by James Roven
Et moi ? Et moi ! Et moi...
  Web project by Nicolas Frespech In residency at the Frac Languedoc-Roussillon, France
  Web project by Julie MZalin, ValZrie Jodoin and Ùric Mattson
Every Icon
  John F. Simon, Jr.
EX.MECH: The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers
  Bill Seaman Presented from January 17 to February 10, 1994 at the ICC Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  Web project by Pascale Malaterre
Excavation, myself : Stonework
  Web project by Harald Bshm
Exploding Cell
  Web project by Peter Halley, presented in conjunction with the exhibition New Concepts in Printmaking 1: Peter Halley Musuem of Modern Art, New York
Eye of Gutete Emerita (The)
  Web project by Alfredo Jaar
  Experimentation Web art site
Fantastic Prayers
  Performance and WWW site by Constance DeJong, Tony Oursler and Stephen Vitiello. Dia Center for the Arts
Faux conceptual Art
  Web project by G. H. Hovagimyan
Fear Edition (The)
  Web art project by William E. Kurtz, Association for Strategic Accidents
  Web art project by Kenneth Goldsmith et Clem Paulsen
  Web project by Ren e Gre Green
Folie, Zpisodes et autres tremblements
  Web project by Carol Dallaire and Jun Zhang
Forward Anywhere
  Hypertext project by Judy Malloy and Cathy Marshall
fractal virus
  Web project by Lluis Guiu Soler
Fred Forest
From the Blood of Poets
  Kevin Clarke
  Web project
Future (The)
  Web Project by Petra Mueller
General Idea
  Web Project Museum of Modern Art et Sda'web, New York
Genes & Genesis
  Web Project by Cheryl Sourkes
Ghost City
  Web project by Jody Zellen
  Web project by June Houston
Girl with the sword is mute (The)
  Web Project by Catherine McGovern
  Web project by Mark Amerika
Gray Matters
Grimm Tale (The) or The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was
  Web project by M. R. Petit
Hand Book (The)
  Web art project by Hans Witschi
Hard Way (The)
  Web art project by Matthew Ritchie
  Web prject by Francesca da Rimini/Doll Yoko and Ricardo Domingeuz
  Interactive work by Laurie Anderson and Hsien-Chien Huang
Hiroshima Project (The)
Home is not what You imagine it to be
  Carol Flax
  Web Project by Nina Pope and Karen J. Guthrie
Hotlinks of Tilman BaumgSertel (The)
  Directory of site presenting Web projects
Hybrid Workspace
  Temporary Laboratory on arts and new technologies, held during Documenta X, Kassel, Germany, 21 June - 28 September 1997
  Web project by Ed Stastny
Hypernation : Zone autonome de recherche, de cr atioation et d'échange. Autonomous free zone in the network
  Web project and exhibition presented at Galerie Oboro in montreal in May 1996
  Web project by Simon Poulter
  Series of six New media public artworks for Sheffield City Centre commissioned by LoveBytes
I Confess
  Web project by GroupZ
IDEAS : milles id es pes pour la vie
  Pierre Maraval
In Conversation
  Web project and intervention by Susan A. Collins
Institute of Media Diseases / Institut pour les maladies mZdiatiques
  Web Project by Markus KSch
  Web Project by Karen Trask
IOD : The Web Stalker
  Web art project
  Web projects by James Roven
J'arr?te le temps le jour du printemps
  Web Project by Fred Forest
  Web project by Maciej Wisniewski
"Je suis ton ami(e)...tu peux me dire tes secrets."
  Web project by Nicolas Frespech In residency at the Frac Languedoc-Roussillon, France
  Web Project by Jessica R. Carpenter
Join Hands
  Web project by Torsson-Bernstrup
Joseph Nechvatal Slideshow
Komar & Melamid: The Most Wanted Paintings
  Dia Center for the Arts, New York
L'art ou le monde pour la deuxi?me fois
  Web project by Horacio Zabala
  Web project by HervZ Graumann
La DevociÜn Retratada = Portrait de la dZvotion
  Web project by Eul–lia Valldosera
La tr?s grande administration dZmocratique
  Web art project by Niek Van de Steeg
Lapses + Erasures
  Web art project by Sawad Brooks
Last entry : Bombay, 1st of July...
  Web Project by Andrea Zapp
Latitudes : A dance choreographed for the web
  Molissa Fenley Dia Center for the Arts
Le bZbZ virtuel
  Web project by Marie-Ange Guilleminot & Fabrice Hybert
Le billet circulaire
  Web project by jean-Louis Boissier
Les artistes en petits soldats
  Web project by æGZrard Collin-Thiebaut
Light on the Net Project
  Tele-Interractivity project by Masaki Fujihata
Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum
  Web art projects by Lin Hsin Hsin
Liquidation : une fiction Web radio
  Web and radio project by Michel Lefebvre and Eva Quintas
Loaded 5x
  Web project by Doug Aitken
Love Letters from a World of Awe
  Web Projet by Yael Kanarek
Love Money Weather Project (The)
  Web Project by Petra Mueller
Lune Noire
  Web project by Jean-Paul Thomin
Make Me A Man
  Web project by Sonya Rapoport
Manezh Square
  Web art project by Ken Kobland et E. Jay Sims
Marcia Lyons
  Web project by Teo Spiller
Memetic Mutation
  Interactive artwork by Troy innocent
Memory Communications
  Joseph Nechvatal
  Web project by Petko Dourmana et Pavel Kodjabashev
MZtaorigines (avant_devant_aupres_apres)
  Web project by Reynald Drouhin
Metro-net : World Connection
  Web Projet by Martin Kippenberger
Miguel Chevalier
  13 works havas
Mobiles / Kinetic Sculpture
  By Matthew Brand, MIT Media Lab
Molecular Clinic 1.0
  Seiko Mikami. ArtLab, Canon, Japon
Monument Vivant de Biron (Le)
  Jochen Gerz
Multi-cultural recycler (The)
  Web project by Amy Alexander
munging bodies
  Web project by Marcia Lyons
My boyfriend came back from the war
  Web project by Olia Lialina
Navigation po tiqutique totale sur le Web
  Multiple-link experiment by Georges Malamoud, based on a poem by Raymond Queneau
  Web project by H. Hoogerbrugge
News Room
  Project of Greg Lehmann, Peter Fend, and George Chaikin
No memory
  Web Project by ValZry Granger
  Web projet by Angie Anakis and Emmanuel Barrault
Nomadology - a journey through the contemporary landscape
  Web project by Michael Gibbs
Official history of, vol 1 : history of art for airport
  Web projet by Vuk Cosic
On Translation : The internet Project
  Web project by Antoni Muntadas Co-production of documenta X, Kassel, Sda'æweb, New York, and the Goethe-Institutes
Once in
  Web Project by Catherine McGovern
Orchids in the Land of Technology
  Diana Thater's project produced by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
  By Robbin Murphy
Paris R seauseau / Paris Network
  Web project by Karen O'Rourke
  Web project by Annette Weintraub
  ÇIntermittent exposures from the other sides of hereÈ Web art project by Cary Peppermint
  Web art project by Victoria Baker
Persistant Data Confidante
  Web art project by Paul Vanouse, Lisa Hutton & Eric Nyberg
Please Change Beliefs
  Jenny Holzer
Plural Sculpture (The)
  Interactive project by Jochen Gerz
Poem Navigator
  Web project by Merel Mirage
Portrait de l'artiste allant et venant vu – cent pas ( juste avant une mauvaise chute )
  Web project by Carol Dallaire
Predictive Engineering2
  Web art project by Julia Scher
Private Investigators...
  Web art project by Kathy Kennedy Produced for the exhibition Private Investigators: Masquerade and Public Space, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta
Projet pour Traverses no. 3
  By JZrme Saint-Loubert BiZ
Prometheus Bound
  Web project by Tim Rollins and K.O.S.
Pure Heart Art
  Web project by J.T. Wine
Questions and Answers, Questions as Answers, Answers as Questions
  Web Project by Natalie Bookchin
Rain of Atoms
  Web art project by Martha Fleming
  Web at project by Diller + Scofidio
Refugee Republic
  Web project presenting a Refugee Republic on the Internet
Registration of an artwork (The)
  Web art project by Allan McCollum
  Video project by Jacki Danylchuk
Relocating the remains / Excavating the site
  Web project by Keith Piper
Remedy for Information Disease
  Web project by Alexei Shulgin
  Web project by Keith Tyson
  Web Project by Allan McCollum
Schsn Ile d'Utopie
  Web art project by Laure Tixier
  Japanese site exploraing possibilities of the Internet as a tool to sense the world
  Web project by Ken Goldberg
Shredder 1.0
  Mark Napier
Si / Jamais
  Web project by Isabelle hayeur
  Web Project by Antoni Abad
Small Appliances
  Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
  Carole Flax
  Web art project by Cercle Ramo Nash
Studio Visit
  Cheryl Donegan
  Experimental Web Site
  Interactive virtual world conceived by Jane Prophet and Gordon Selley
Telegarden (The)
  Work by Ken Goldberg and Joseph Santarromana using Tele-Presence
Telepresent / Surveillance
  computer-media installation by Joel Slayton. Shown at the Krannert Art Museum, Champaign Illinois in 1995-1996
The house of the small languages
The Mexterminator Project (Museo Interactivo de Ethnografia Experimental y Cultura Apocaliptica)
  Web project by Guillermo GÜmez-Pe–a and Roberto Sifuentes Presented by Creative Time and the Museo del Barrio
Thief (The)
  Web art project by Francis Al¯s Dia center for the arts, New York
This Is The Place
  Installation/performance piece by Cary Peppermint
Toma et Clovis dans Do It Yourself
  Web project by Traci Lords and John Holme
TRACES of the Atomic Age
  Peter d'Agostino
Truth is a moving target
  Erwin Redl
Tunnel (The)
  Web project by Diana Thater
  Web art project by Maciej Wisniewski
Une iconographie
  Web project by Nicolas Frespech
Unreliable Archivist (The)
  Web project by Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito
Untitled 1998 (On the road with Jiew Jeaw Jieb Sri and Moo)
  Web art project by Rirkrit Tiravanija and five art students from Thailand
Up to 625
  Web project by Matt Mullican, with the collaboration of Martin Dsrbaum
Vertical Blanking Interval
Via Marconi
  Web project by Raymond Gervais
Vill giatgiature
  Web project by Sylvie Ungauer
Virtual Harvester (The)
  Web project and texts by Johann van der Schijff
Virtual Metropolis
  Virtual city project by an interdisciplinary team of artists in Toronto
Virtual Squat
  Web Project by Leah Lazariuk
VRML Dream : A Live VRML Production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
  Web project by Stephen N. Matsuba and Bernie Roehl
Walter Benjamin : "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
WAXweb 2.0
  David Blair
Where Where There There Where
  Zoe Beloff, in collaboration with The Wooster Group
Without Adresses
  Web Project by Joachim Blank and Karl Heinz Jeron
Word Beyond Speech (The)
  Web project by Jeff Instone
World first collaborative sentence (The)
  Douglas Davis
World Tea Party
Worst case scenarios
  Web project by Marlena Corcoran
  Web projects by Antonio Mendoza
WWWArt Award
  Web project by Alexei Shulgin
Y'a pas d'arbre dans la for?t
  Web project by JoÎl BartolomZo
Yann SZrandour
  Web projects
You Stole My Look!
  Web project by Georgina Starr



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